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New: Photos of garden accents and garden designs that inspire you - unique garden designs, attractive color combinations, unusual trees - anything that gives you your warm horticultural feeling. Click here to see our collection!

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Photographer: Millette Réjean D.

Réjean D. Millette enjoys serving the horticultural community through both writings and images. He is the founder of Millette Photomedia.

Réjean D. Millette est la personne qui a eu l'idée de bien servir le monde horticole. Après avoir écrit 3 livres il fonde Millette Photomedia.


Rosa Blue Girl (Hybrid Tea Rose)

Rosa Blue Girl (Hybrid Tea Rose)
Rosa Blue Girl Flower Flowers lavender Foliage leaf leaves green Rosaceae Plant perennial annual tree shrub garden picture garden image garden photo flower picture plant picture Millette Photomedia This picture is for sale

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